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town leaf pick up

The Town of Minetto Highway Department offers leaf pick up for town residents in the Spring and Fall. We pass through town daily when possible, Weather and time permitting. There is no set schedule for streets through-out the town. Leaf season usually run about 6 weeks and start and end dates are determined upon leaf drop and snowfall.

Leaf Pick Up FAQ's

1. How do I put leaves out to the road?

Please rake leaves only out to the curb/roadside. Do not cover the sidewalk. Pedestrians should not be forced to walk in the street! (DO NOT mix in Branches, Shrubs, or Grass Clippings in with your leaf piles).

2. How far out to the road do I need to rake my leaves?

Please get your leaves as close to the road as possible for pick up. (Placing leaves in the road, gutters and drainage ditches significantly slows down the entire operation. It is against the law to place leaves or any debris in the road.)

Please be patient with us during our leaf collection process, as all leaves do not fall at the same time, and we do not know what to expect with the weather conditions.