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pot hole repairs

The Highway Department crews repair potholes on lane miles of streets in neighborhoods throughout the Town all year long. The months of December through April are considered the pothole season—when the Town typically sees the highest number of potholes. However, crews work throughout the spring, summer and fall as well.

Highway Department uses several techniques that enables our personnel to fill potholes that have been reported.

They include:The use of high-performance cold-patch asphalt material for pothole repairs during the winter months.Hot mix asphalt in spring, summer and fall.

Pothole FAQ's

What should I do when I see a pothole?

Contact the Highway Department Facility at 315-343-0217.

What causes potholes?

Potholes are caused by the freeze-thaw cycle that occurs throughout the winter months. When moisture seeps into pavement, it expands when it freezes and contracts when it thaws. This flexing of the pavement, combined with the melted water and the stress of vehicular traffic, causes pavement to deteriorate and potholes to form.

Where do potholes occur?

Town of Minetto has over ___ lane miles of streets, and potholes can occur on any one of them. Potholes tend to appear most on arterial streets (which carry the most vehicles).

How does the Highway Department battle potholes?

Highway Department has an aggressive program to tackle potholes. The department employees are constantly monitoring the condition of the roads, identifying pothole locations and making repairs as needed.

How long does a pothole repair last?

It depends on many factors, including traffic volume. Repairs can last a few days, a few weeks, a few months or more. Highway Department uses a high-performance cold patch material formulated to maintain its workability longer during the winter months, when hot asphalt is not available. We try to limit its use as much as possible because the hot asphalt patching process is a better long term solution.

How long does it take to fill a pothole?

It varies, but repairs are generally completed within a day from the first report of a pothole to the Highway Department. Weather influences how long a repair takes especially when frigid temps and precipitation prevent our crews from performing repairs. The location of the pothole also influences the time required to repair. During peak winter months, duration times usually vary.

Does the Highway Department do anything to prevent potholes?

Absolutely!  The Highway Department maintains a Scheduled Street Paving Program. In 2020 we completed a multi-year paving program that featured the resurfacing of every town owned street. Over time, as the surface pavement deteriorates we will once again plan to rehabilitate several miles of streets. Repaving extends the lifespan of a street many years. This repaving program proactively helps us stay ahead of the pothole problem.