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snow removal

The Town of Minetto Highway Department is out there day and night, weekends and holidays working to keep our roads clear so you and your family can travel to your chosen destination safely and without major delay. The Town provides winter maintenance to more than 33 lane miles of road.  

Throughout the winter months whenever the temperatures and/or weather forecast warrants it a member of our team is scheduled specifically to monitor the weather and road conditions day and night to ensure the roads are maintained properly to assist in your safe travel.

We all want our street cleared of snow quickly, but nothing slows down the work of snow plows more than cars parked on the street. Please make sure your vehicle is in your driveway, and not in the street, during a snow storm. Unfortunately, when a parked vehicle blocks a street so our snowplows cannot pass, we have no other option than to call local law enforcement to assist us in having the vehicle moved or towed.

Also, Please remember to keep garbage cans placed in your driveway. Place it even with your mailbox so they are back from the road and not in the road.


- NO PARKING on Streets between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM.

- Cars impeding snow plowing can be ticketed and or towed at the owners expense.

- Keeping your cars off the street will speed up snow removal.

- Plowing your driveway across town roadways or into the center of cul-de-sacs is NOT PERMITTED in the Town, Violator’s may be ticketed at homeowners expense.

- Purposefully putting snow in the roadway with a snow blower can create a dangerous scenario for motorists.

- Plowing snow onto town park property is prohibited.



The town features over 3 miles of pedestrian sidewalks. The Highway Department does our best to perform snow removal on the sidewalks as our workload and staffing allows. Our first priority is motorist safety. To this end, plowing and sanding the 33 lane miles of roadway is our number one priority during winter.

The snow is cleared from pedestrian sidewalks Monday – Friday during our normal business hours. The Highway Department does not clear the sidewalks at night or on the weekend.  Our residents are encouraged to assist us by keeping the sidewalk clear of snow and ice on their property.  Sidewalks keep pedestrians safely out of the roadway during the winter months when the snow banks can result in little to no shoulder area. Thank you for your help